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Older Arcade Pictures!!
These pictures show what the arcade used to look like.

This picture shows the old 'pinball row'.
Baby Pacman, Rapid Fire, and a Black Pyramid.
Check out the disco ball and traffic light!
This picture and some of the ones below show how I had upright video games in the center of the arcade. Now they outline the perimeter of the arcade with the cocktail cabinets in the center.
Upright Corner!
There's a Pole Position (emulated with mame) to the left. An absolutly mint Asteroids, A Spy Hunter with shiny new side art, the good ole MAME cabinet that started it all, followed by a Centipede!
A view from the Stun Runner
Here is a picture looking the other direction in the previous arrangement in the arcade.
This picture shows the Indiana Jones. You can also see the sides of the Primal Rage and the Space Invaders.
This one was a bit of work. I replaced the side art and control panel overlay. I also stripped out the non working boards and installed a computer to run all the mame games that use a spinner. I hooked the computer up to the original monitor so it retained its original look. While some may not like the fact that a classic was mame'd, they might change there minds if they play a few games of Tempest on this machine!
Neon splendor
Luckily there is a beer with the same name as mine! This sign casts a very strange green glow over the arcade.