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Steel Talons

Feel the thrill of REAL helicopter combat

This is my latest addition to the Mickster arcade. It's a 900 pound, two player helicopter simulator. It uses essentially the same PCB as a Race Drivin. It allows one or two people to fly helicopter combat missions. It has two different view modes, two different flight modes and two different multiplayer modes. I spent approximately 20 hours breaking the machine down into parts small enough to be moved downstairs.

I broke this machine down into small enough pieces that I was able to carry the entire machine downstairs by myself part by part.
Here it is! The above picture is the fully re-assembled Steel Talons!
Here you can see what it looked like when it was broke apart. Notice the cabinet sides, the sideart is perfect!
Picture below is of me re-assembling the rear section. Total breakdown and re-assembly of this portion took about 5 hours.

What slowed the process down of taking it apart was glue. The cabinets were assembled with hot glue. I had to slowly break the bond of the glue while trying not to break any of the particle board.
Here is a picture of the PCB's.

The one thing that did help was the fact I was able to leave the game PCB's mounted on the door that you see to the left here. I just unplugged the wiring harness, and then unbolted the door hinge. This allowed me to take most of the electronics down in one section.