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Earliest pictures of my arcade obsession.

While these pictures are out of date on what my arcade actually looks like now, I have kept the pictures here to document how my arcade has evolved over the past four years. Also all the specific information on the games is still the same.


On the far left, this is the Virtual Fighter. When I bought this game, it was in great condition other than there was no side art. The previous owner planned to convert it into another game, so he removed it. He later decided to sell the game instead. I was able to buy new side art from Sega (figured I better get it while it was still available). Second, is the Space Invaders pinball. I first saw a Space Invaders pinball when I went camping with my grandparents about 20 years ago. I loved that machine and whenever I think of pinball, Space Invaders comes to mind. The two Race Drivin machines are discussed in detail in the Race Drivin section. The Batman pinball was my first pinball machine. I really didn't know anything about pinball maintenance and upkeep, but I had a lot of fun learning with this machine. You can't see it very well in this picture, but to the right of the Batman is a Donkey Kong Jr. cocktail cabinet.

On the left is Space Invaders. I had to replace the control panel overlay ( bought one on Ebay for .50). The blacklight bulb was burned out. I was able to find the correct white blacklight (not the blue ordinary ones) on the internet. It also had one sound effect not working. My brother, Randy, helped me replace 2 chips on the game PCB (very easy to fix. Now everything works great. The Primal Rage was in excellent shape so nothing needed fixed. I did upgrade the roms from 1.7 to 2.3 (final version). The interesting thing about the Primal Rage is that the coin counter is at 8,500. This is extremely low compared to the other machines in my arcade. One of my Race Drivin machines has 235,000 on the counter (that's almost 60,000 dollars in quarters!). Also, if you look at the background to the right, you can see my 2600 Atari cartridge collection stuck to the wall.

On the left is my MAME Cabinet. It was originaly a Time Killers arcade fighting game. I liked this cabinet
because the control layout would be perfect for MAME. In the middle is my computer. I printed some
arcade flyers that I downloaded from the internet and hung them on the wall. In the middle of the
arcade flyers is my Game Wizard High Score Board. What's the point of a high score if you don't write it
down somewhere? To the right is the Virtual Fighter machine.